Write Something…Anything!

Still nothing much interesting to write about, and still not really familiar with the way WordPress works. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get some time to look at it while I’m sitting in the hospital getting my Remicade infusion. It usually takes around three hours, so I always need something to do. I’ve got something odd going on with my hands and feet, all the way up to the knees and shoulders occasionally. It’s most likely some kind of arthritis asociated with Crohn’s Disease, but nobody’s really sure yet. All I know is I’m in rather a lot of pain. Feh. It makes working on the computer kind of annoying. Sometimes, it also makes walking kind of annoying, but not always, thank goodness.

Looking at this post is reminding me of why I stopped blogging. So boring! I’ll have to think of something more interesting to say when I actually announce this site…

Learning to use WordPress

I’m actually taking the time to go through the tutorial on this. I am usually the kind of person who will waste a lot of time by jumping right in to a project, then having to go back and sift through the information to figure out the one or two small but important things I need to know. It’s really a lot simpler to just take the time at the start to read through and figure it all out at the beginning!